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Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Visit Singapore

 Visit Singapore  

The Journey

If you have not visited Singapore yet, plan to do so soon or you will miss out visiting one of the most fabulous cities in the world. It is clean, green and full of imaginative buildings and gardens. My journey began by taking an 18 plus hour flight from Newark, USA to Singapore on Singapore Airlines direct flight. This flight has only two classes- Business and Premium Economy.

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   Business class is way to expensive for me so    the choice was Premium Economy. I was       lucky to get one of the single  premium       economy seats which made the trip bearable. Plan to  book early on the Singapore Airlines booking site to get these seats

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The flight takes the polar route, and you have daylight throughout the flight duration. This shot is over Siberia, a vast inhospitable area full of oil and gas! The crew on Singapore airlines were fabulous and food was incredible. Flights from the US do not qualify for "Book the Cook" option. 

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 Finally after over 18 hours of   flying we flew   over the iconic port   of Singapore. Ships lined   up for   transshipment beyond visual   range. Singapore ports unload   and  load a container ship every   three hours. No shore leave for   the   poor sailors. 

Changi Airport is a destination within itself. You can spend eight hours exploring what it has to offer and still not see everything. Besides the wide array of duty free shops and restaurants featuring world wide cuisine, the terminals also have a tree top trail, a tropical rainforest vivarium, butterfly park and more. The airport is sparkling clean and that is evidenced with the cleaning robots that traverse the arrivals lobby silently. This does not include the "Jewel" which sits between Terminals 1 ,2,and 3. For more information on the Jewel visit my post called  The Singapore "Jewel". For additional information on Changi airport click on the link below. 

Changi Duty Free shops
Departure Hall  landscape wall 

Departure Hall 

From the airport, there are several ways to reach downtown Singapore. You can take the train, Bus or taxi. In my opinion the best option is the MRT or Mass Rapid Transit. 

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